Blink vs. Planet Fitness: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive comparison between Blink and Planet Fitness, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll answer common questions about both gyms, provide product reviews, and offer helpful tips on the difference between Blink and Planet Fitness. So, whether you’re trying to decide which gym is right for you or just want to learn more about the two establishments, read on!

Planet Fitness Overview

Popular gym chain Planet Fitness has locations in every state. They are known for their low prices and “judgment free” atmosphere. Planet Fitness offers two membership options: the “Black Card” is $10 per month and gives access to all locations plus additional perks, while the standard “Red Card” membership is $20 per month.

Planet Fitness gyms provide a great option for those who are looking to get in shape without having the expense of joining an expensive gym. While they lack some equipment that you would find at more sophisticated locations, their selection is still sufficient enough and can cater your needs perfectly if this week’s workout plan includes cardio workouts only.

Planet Fitness Overview

Planet Fitness knows how to make its members feel pampered with all the amenities it offers. With your membership, you’ll have access to our HydroMassage beds, tanning booths, and red light therapy sessions.


Planet Fitness locations are always open, seven days a week. However, they do not have childcare available, so if you have young children this may not be the best gym for you.

Planet Fitness is known for their “judgment free” atmosphere. This means that they are welcoming to people of all fitness levels and do not pressure their members to meet any sort of fitness goal.

Personal Training

At Planet Fitness, we believe that personal training is best done one-on-one. Planet Fitness only offers 10 and 20-session personal training packages. Planet Fitness offers personal training packages starting at $199.


Planet Fitness has around 1,700 locations, but these are mostly concentrated on the East Coast. So if you live in the eastern half of the country, you’re likely to have a Planet Fitness much closer to you. [1]


Planet fitness has a number of benefits that make it attractive for people who are looking for a gym. One of the main benefits is that it is very affordable. Planet fitness also offers a variety of equipment and classes, which can be helpful for people who are new to working out or who want to try something different. Finally, planet fitness locations are typically open 24 hours, which can be convenient for people with busy schedules. Also, many locations offer childcare, which can be a lifesaver for parents.


Planet Fitness has a number of drawbacks that should be considered before joining. One of the main drawbacks is that it does not have as many amenities as some of the other gyms. For example, Blink Fitness has a pool and sauna, while Planet Fitness does not.


Additionally, Planet Fitness locations are often located in strip malls or other less desirable locations. Finally, some people find the atmosphere at Planet Fitness to be too relaxed and not very motivating.

Blink Fitness is a gym chain that was started in 2011. The company has its headquarters in New York City. As of 2019, Blink Fitness has over 90 locations across the United States.

The company’s mission is to make working out affordable and accessible for everyone.

Blink Fitness gyms provide an abundance of top-notch cardio and strength-training devices. They also have group fitness classes, personal training services, and locker room facilities.


One of the best things about Blink Fitness is the atmosphere. The gyms are bright, clean, and welcoming. There is a strong focus on inclusivity and customer service. All of the staff members I’ve interacted with have been incredibly friendly and helpful.


Blink Fitness gyms are very affordable. You don’t have to pay any membership fees, and the monthly rate is very affordable. You can also sign up for a short-term membership if you’re only in town for a few days.

Overall, I think Blink Fitness is a great value. You’ll gain access to top-tier equipment and features without spending a fortune.

Personal Training

If you’re interested in personal training, Blink Fitness has you covered. The gyms offer a wide range of personal training services. You can choose from one-on-one sessions, group classes, and even online coaching.

I think the prices for personal training are very reasonable. You can get a lot of value for your money if you choose Blink Fitness.


Blink Fitness gyms offer a wide range of group fitness classes. Memberships include these classes at no extra charge. I’ve taken a few of the classes and they’re all really good. The instructors are very knowledgeable and make sure that everyone is comfortable and having fun.


Blink Fitness is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a gym membership. Blink fitness is the perfect place for people who want to be active and learn new skills. With affordable prices, helpful instructors that are very welcoming of all abilities – you won’t regret checking out this great gym.


I love how convenient it is to have such a large number of locations. Whether you’re an avid workout enthusiast or just starting out, there’s sure to be a location near your home that will work best. [2]


Blink fitness has a number of benefits  that make it an attractive gym for people to join.

  • First, Blink gyms are significantly cheaper than other gyms. You can access our services starting at $15 per month, and you’re not locked into any long-term contract. This is a great deal for people who want to get fit on a budget.
  • Second, Blink locations are typically smaller than other gyms, which can be more convenient for some people.
  • Third, Blink has an extensive inventory of amenities and equipment, such as free weights, cardio machines, and group fitness classes.
  • Finally, Blink has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which can be helpful for people who are new to working out.


Planet Fitness has a number of drawbacks  that may make it less appealing than Blink Fitness for some people. For example:

  • Blink Fitness has high-quality equipment and facilities.
  • There is a risk of being locked into a long-term contract with Planet Fitness.

Additionally, Planet Fitness does not offer a complimentary trial week like Blink Fitness does.

So, you’re looking for the perfect gym? Well there are many options out there! Two of them being Blink and Planet Fitness. But what’s better than one great option; how about two fantastic ones?!

But sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which gym is right for you.

We’ve put together a comprehensive comparison of Blink vs Planet Fitness so that everything from cost-of membership, quality of equipment and more will be covered in detail.

The main difference between Blink and Planet Fitness gyms is the price of membership. While both offer basic amenities, there’s a big contrast in terms or extras you can expect when going to each one – from location options for example.

Blink vs Planet Fitness – Which Is Better?

The gyms are almost identical in terms of equipment and amenities. Both have high-quality machines that get regular maintenance, which makes them reliable options for your fitness needs.

Planet Fitness and Blink gym offer similar fitness centers with a few differences. If you’re looking for the most bells-and whistles, go to Planet Fitness; however if your wallet is tight then blink will be suited just right.

The cost of gym membership is an important factor to consider when looking for a place that will fit your budget. Blink and Planet Fitness both have different prices, so it’s essential you compare them side by side in order to find the best deal.

With a variety of membership plans, the Blink gym offers members easy access to their fitness center. Sign up for $15 per month or more premium option that includes unlimited classes as well.

Planet Fitness offers a basic and black card membership, with the former costing $10 per month. The latter includes access to all locations of this fitness club as well unlimited classes.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive fitness club, then Planet Fitness is your best bet.
The basic membership costs less than the equivalent at Blink and offers more benefits including unlimited access to classes which makes it worth every penny.

Both of these gyms offer high-quality equipment that has been well maintained. They’re similar in many ways, but there are still some differences worth noting.

Planet Fitness has a wide range of classes that you can take, while Blink only offers the basics. For those who like to mix up their workouts with different types or styles each day Planet fitness is perfect because they offer Yoga and Zumba among other things.

Planet Fitness has a lot to offer in terms of amenities, including saunas and massages. Blink doesn’t have any of these features.

The basic membership at blink is significantly cheaper than the black card option from planet fitness. However, if you’re looking for unlimited access to classes then it’s worth checking out what they offer.

Overall, both Blink and Planet Fitness are great choices for gyms. However there is a key difference between the two in terms of what you’re looking for: if your priority is keeping costs low then go with blink but if not then pass up on these offers and get yourself into planet fitness instead. [3]

Opening hours

Blink Fitness:

  • Monday – Thursday 5am – 11pm
  • Friday – Saturday 5am – 10pm
  • Sunday 6am – 10pm

Planet Fitness:

  • Monday – Thursday 5am – 10pm
  • Friday – Saturday 5am – 9pm
  • Sunday 6am – 9pm

As you can see, both gyms have the same hours Monday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, Blink is open one hour later than Planet Fitness. And on Sundays, Blink is open one hour later than Planet Fitness.

Equipment quality

The equipment quality is one of the first things that you’ll notice when you step into a Blink or Planet Fitness gym. At Blink, you’ll find state-of-the-art cardio and weight machines that are regularly serviced and updated. Planet Fitness gyms, on the other hand, are known for their older equipment.

Equipment quality

This doesn’t mean that the equipment is unsafe, but it may not be as comfortable or efficient as the newer machines at Blink. Blink offers a more diverse range of machines than what is available at Planet Fitness locations. However, both gyms offer plenty of equipment to meet your fitness needs.

Cleaning facilities

When it comes to cleanliness, both Blink and Planet Fitness gyms are pretty good. As for cleanliness, Blink gyms may have an advantage over Planet Fitness locations. Blink has a “cleanTeam” that is responsible for making sure the gym is clean at all times. The cleanTeam members go through the gym several times a day to make sure that all the equipment is clean and in good working condition. Planet Fitness also has a cleaning crew that comes in to clean the gym on a regular basis. However, some Planet Fitness gyms have been known to be not as clean as they should be. [4]


The staff at Blink gym is always willing to help new members get started on their fitness journey. The equipment they have access to, like the indoor running track or yoga studio are top of the line and keep up with cleanliness in order for you not only be able but feel confident while working out. The best thing about Blink is that they offer a variety of plans to suit your needs and budget. Is Planet Fitness good for beginners? Planet Fitness has been the perfect place for me to start my fitness journey.

Is Blink gym good for beginners?

I’m not very experienced, but they make it easy and welcoming even if you are. The equipment is top-of-the-line and the facilities are always clean and well-maintained. Planet Fitness has something for everyone! If you want to lose weight, both the Blink and Planet fitness membership are great options. They offer a variety of cardio equipment as well as strength training classes with group workouts that will push your limits in new ways every day – all at affordable rates too. If you want to lose weight as quickly and efficiently as possible, then it’s best that Blink fitness offers more high-intensity classes. However if your goal is slow steady lifestyle change with low impact workouts then Planet Fitness may be the place for all of us.

Blink Fitness gyms are equipped with a Smith Machine. This is great news for people who are looking for a way to get a full-body workout without having to use free weights. The Smith Machine at Blink Fitness is also accompanied by a weight bench, so you can do exercises like chest presses and rows.

Planet Fitness does not have a Smith Machine in their gyms. This means that if you want to use a Smith Machine, you will have to go to a different gym. However, Planet Fitness does have free weights that you can use to get a full-body workout.

What is the best gym to be a member of?

When it comes to gyms, there are a lot of options out there. Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness are two of the most popular gyms. So, which one is better? To help you decide, we’ve put together a comprehensive comparison of Blink vs Planet Fitness. We’ll take a look at the different aspects that would be important for you to know before making your decision, including membership fees and amenities. There are budget-friendly gyms like Blink Fitness or more upscale ones such as Planet Fitness with pools on site.

However, both gyms offer a wide range of services and amenities. So it’s important to compare them side-by-side in order to see which one is most suitable for you. So, without further ado, let’s jump into our Blink vs Planet Fitness comparison.

Is there a fee to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

There are many gyms to choose from these days, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. If you’re struggling between choosing a gym that’s just right for your needs, this comparison will help get things straight. Both Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness offer many benefits but also some key differences when it comes down to what they have in your arsenal. Keep reading to learn more about what each gym has to offer.

Blink Fitness:

  • No strings attached
  • Tailored membership plans
  • Affordable prices
  • Available in multiple states
  •  Smith machine included
  • Cardio machines and free weights available for use

Planet Fitness:

  • No commitment required
  • Flexible membership options
  • Affordable prices
  • Available in multiple states
  • No Smith machine
  • Cardio machines and free weights available

As you can see, both Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness have a lot to offer. Here are some key differences to take into account when choosing. For example, Blink Fitness includes a Smith machine in its gyms, while Planet Fitness does not. Additionally, Planet Fitness is available in more states than Blink Fitness. Ultimately, the best gym for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness are both excellent, affordable options that come with a host of benefits. If you’re still not sure which gym is right for you, try visiting both Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness to see which one you prefer. With flexible membership options and no commitment required, it’s easy to try out both gyms and see which one you like better. Once you’ve made your decision, you can sign up for the membership that best suits your needs. Whichever gym you choose, you’re sure to get a great workout and have access to all the equipment you need to reach your fitness goals.

Why is Planet Fitness charging me so much?

Planet Fitness and Blink fitness have a lot of similarities, but there are also key differences. If you’re looking for an affordable workout that’s close to home then sign up with either one! Planet Fitness and Blink Fitness gyms offer great options for those looking to get a quality workout at an affordable price.

Why is Planet Fitness charging me so much?

However, there are some key differences between the two that you should be aware of before deciding which one is right for your needs Blink Fitness is a smaller chain of gyms with locations primarily on the East Coast of the United States, whereas Planet Fitness has locations all across the country. Blink Fitness also offers more amenities than Planet Fitness, such as group classes, personal training, and babysitting services. However, Planet Fitness does have some benefits that Blink Fitness doesn’t, such as a longer cancellation window and a higher guest limit.

Can you bring a guest to Planet Fitness with the $10 membership?

Depending on what you’re looking for in a gym, Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness each have their own unique advantages. Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the two gyms to help you decide. Blink Fitness is the perfect place to get in shape on a budget. With locations across America and free guest passes every month, there’s no better option than Blink for those who want their workout without breaking into sweat pockets. You can also bring a friend for free on your birthday. The best thing about Planet Fitness is that it’s budget-friendly.

You can get a membership for less than the price of one month at some other gyms, and you get access to all these great amenities too! There are locations in every state so no matter where your home address may be there will always be an option available right nearby. You can also bring a guest for free on your birthday. Both Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness offer affordable membership options, but Blink’s monthly guest pass and free friend on your birthday makes it the more appealing option for people who want to work out with friends or family.

Is Planet Fitness good enough?

The debate of which gym is better, Blink Fitness or Planet Fitness, has been around for years. Some people swear by Blink while others find Planet to be their perfect fit. So, which one is the best? Well, that all depends on what you’re looking for in a gym. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line equipment and the latest fitness classes, Blink might be a better fit. However, Planet Fitness would be a better option if you’re seeking a general gym where you can have an efficient workout without any extras. Still not sure which gym is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness, including membership fees, amenities, and more. Worth noting, we’ll be comparing the gyms as if you’re looking for a location in New York City.

Can you pay for a one day workout at Planet Fitness?

At Planet Fitness, you can pay for a one day workout. The price will depend on your location, but it is typically around $10-15 for a day pass. You can also purchase a 10-day pass for $50, which would be more cost effective if you plan on working out multiple times within that time frame.

Consider the different membership options available at Blink and Planet Fitness. You can choose from a one-day pass, three day pass or week long passes for either place. The monthly membership is an investment in your health and well being. You will have access to all of the Blink locations, as well as online workouts videos that are available for members only.

Planet Fitness also offers a variety of membership options. You can choose from a 1-day pass, a 7-day pass, or a monthly membership. The monthly membership gives you unlimited access to all of the Planet Fitness locations, as well as access to the online workout videos and other resources.

So, which gym is better? The best option for you will depend on your particular needs and preferences. If you are looking for a gym that you can go to for a quick workout, Blink might be a better option since you can purchase a 1-day pass. If you want a gym with additional services like showers and lockers, Planet Fitness could be a better choice since they are more spread out.

No matter which gym you choose, make sure to take advantage of the resources that they offer, such as the online workout videos. And most importantly, have fun and stay safe!


The two gyms have different features that may be important to you. For example, Blink Fitness does not offer a Smith Machine while Planet Fitness does. Additionally, Planet Fitness charges a $10 membership fee, while Blink Fitness does not. However, both gyms offer a good workout experience and are suitable for most people’s needs. We hope this guide has helped you come to a decision on which gym would be the best fit for you. Thanks for reading!