LA Fitness vs. 24 Hour Fitness: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to choosing a gym, there are many different options available. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to the two biggest chains of gyms in the United States, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re stuck between LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness, this side-by-side comparison will help make your decision. We’ll answer common questions about both gyms, give product reviews, and provide helpful tips on what sets each gym apart. If you’re undecided between LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness, or just want to know more about them, keep reading!

What is 24 Hour Fitness?

24 Hour Fitness was founded in 1983 and is a chain of gyms. It is headquartered in San Ramon, California and has over 420 locations across the United States.

24 Hour Fitness is a fitness gym that offers memberships with access to all of its locations, personal training services and classes.
The company also has an online store where customers can purchase workout gear for themselves or as gifts; it’s open 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

What is 24 Hour Fitness?

They offer an extensive variety in membership options, including personal training and group fitness classes. With locations across the United States you are able to find one near your home or work. [1]

What is LA Fitness?

LA Fitness is a national chain of gyms that has locations across the United States. The company, which was founded in 1984 and now operates more than 1 million members, offers cardio equipment as well as strength training options for its members with an extensive list of amenities including group fitness classes, personal trainers, childcare services if needed on site at any time during your workout session. LA Fitness has excellent workout facilities! The company has over 700 locations across America and offers all memberships, including personal training sessions on site or through their online store. LA Fitness gyms are the perfect place to work out when you’re not sleeping or cooking. They offer 24/7 access, so there’s no excuse for missing your workout! You can find one near any location that suits both needs and preferences with this nationwide chain – I recommend checking them all out ASAP because they seem pretty popular already. [2]

LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness are both national chains that offer gyms with a variety of membership options. LA has more locations than its competitor, but they also have a wider range in terms or affordable prices for people who may not want to pay as much at one place alone. When deciding which gym to join, it is important to take into account the cost and your fitness goals. To find a good fit for you both financially as well in terms of what workouts appeal most so that way when life gets hectic again with work or school etc., at least now there will always be an option!

24 Hour Fitness vs LA Fitness

The decision to join a gym can be difficult, especially when there are two popular chains in LA. But fear not! This guide will help you discover which one is best for your needs so that it’s easier on all of us (and our wallets).

24 Hour Fitness vs LA Fitness

If you’re looking to get in shape and exercise often, then there are few things better than going on an outdoor run or taking part in one of their many classes. However if convenience is what matters most – think about which gym has more locations close by so that your workouts won’t take longer than necessary.

Here’s a complete comparison of LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness:


One of the most common questions people have when considering joining a gym is how much it will cost. There’s a clear difference in cost when it comes to LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness. The monthly membership costs $29 per month with an additional 99-cent initiation fee, while their other options vary based on how often you want access or what type of contract best suits your needs-from one day up until five years! The most expensive option is the 12-month membership, which costs $24.99 per month, plus a $199 initiation fee. 24 Hour Fitness has a variety of different membership plans to suit every need.

The monthly plan costs just $29 per month and there is an initiation fee for both annual memberships that start at only 99 dollars!
In order to save some money, 24 Hour Fitness may be the better option. However if you are willing and able to pay a small fee more upfront then LA fitness would likely provide your needs in terms of exercise equipment as well as customer service at no cost!

What’s the difference between a basic membership and a premium membership at LA Fitness? A LA Fitness membership gives you a few amenities, such as being able to use the gym and its equipment, as well taking group fitness classes. In addition to the free amenities, a premium membership gives you access to personal training, basketball courts, saunas, and more. However, both memberships give you access to the same number of locations. The 24-Hour Fitness gym has a much larger network of branches across North America, but also comes with more expensive membership options for those who need them. For example; LA fitness will offer you access to over 200 locations while the other only offers 50 plus any number of rooms they may have open on their website at any given time. On the other hand, this company can help you find what you need in virtually any location!


LA Fitness gyms are open 24 hours a day, seven days of the week. The only exception is if they close at 10pm on weeknight and open at 6am in morning for those who work early shifts or have weekend access to use it as their workout time frame instead.


24 Hour Fitness gyms are open all the time. Some locations close at midnight, but LA fitness typically keeps their doors unlocked until 4 am during weekdays or on weekends to accommodate people who work long shifts!


If you’re looking for a great place to work out, look no further than LA Fitness. The health club has more than 500 locations across the United States and offers something that will suit any fitness level from beginner all the way up through expert athletes. LA Fitness is your go-to for all of the equipment you need to stay fit! They offer elliptical trainers, rowing machines and treadmills as well. If that’s not enough they also have group fitness classes such Zumba which combines dance with Toning moves or yoga so there are no excuses not to work up a sweat in these spacious gyms. 24 Hour Fitness has about 400 locations across the United States. The chain offers a wide variety of equipment, including ellipticals, rowing machines, treadmills, weights, and more. 24 Hour Fitness offers an excellent selection of group fitness classes, including Zumba and yoga. One key difference between LA Fitness locations is that the latter has more branch options available in your area! 24 Hour Fitness has a lot more locations than LA fitness. So if you live in an area that’s not covered by one of their gyms, then chances are there’ll be a 24-hour gym close by! However, both chains offer a wide variety of equipment and classes, so you can find what you’re looking for no matter your fitness level.

The LA Fitness membership options are Basic and All-Club. The basic one gives you access to all the locations of this chain, but it costs extra for some classes or amenities like personal training sessions with an expert in their field who can help get people motivated while they work out! With that kind assistance there’s no reason why anyone would have trouble reaching goals – even those difficult ones we Set our sights on because push comes to pull (and sometimes failure happens). Prices for the Basic and All-Club memberships vary depending on location, but start at $29.99 per month.

24 Hour Fitness has three membership options: Basic, All-Club, and Sport. With a Basic membership, you can access all of the chain’s locations but will have to pay for certain classes and amenities. Being an All-Club member gives you the ability to go to any location of the chain, as well as having access to classes, personal training, and other extras. The Sport membership gives you access to all of the chain’s locations and includes classes, personal training, and other amenities, as well as access to the chain’s sport-specific facilities. [3]


The variety of classes at LA Fitness is much greater than that offered by 24 Hour Fitness. From yoga, Pilates and kickboxing to aerobics or cycling – there are so many options for fitness enthusiasts. One of the main differences between LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness is that it has a much broader range of classes, which means there’s something for everyone. The difference between LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness is like night versus day. One offers a wide variety of classes, while the other only has limited ones with your membership. Whether you’re looking for a quick, intense workout or want something that will help with your coordination and balance skills LA Fitness has what it takes. From Zumba toSpin classes there’s always an option available at this gym.


LA Fitness has more personal training options than 24 Hour Fitness. For example, you can get a free session when signing up for an account at the gym that offers this service.

Pool/Spa Area

Members at LA Fitness will enjoy a large pool and spa area that is open 24 hours per day, 7 days of the week. The saltwater swimming facility has plenty of lounge chairs available for guests as well! In addition there’s also steam rooms, saunas and jacuzzis. 24 Hour Fitness has an awesome pool and spa area that is open to members 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. The saltwater water makes for some great laps as well as lounge chairs available at your leisure! In addition there’s also steam rooms, saunas and jacuzzis , making this spot perfect if you want something relaxing after work or on weekends.


LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness have a variety of amenities available in their showers, but if you’re looking for the best place to freshen up after your workout then it’s clear that both locations lack something. The quality isn’t as high with LA compared to other places I’ve been too- there was never any soap or shampoo! However this doesn’t mean they aren’t better than most gyms though; on average these clubs provide more towels which can come handy when needing clean clothes afterwards (or even just leaving early). 24 Hour Fitness has more limited offerings than LA fitness, but they do offer one thing that the other gym doesn’t – saunas and steam rooms. The bathrooms at this place seem to be cleaner as well. LA Fitness usually offers more modern and clean gyms, but if you’re looking for things like internet access at your locals then we recommend going with another gym.


The idea of childcare at a gym can be appealing because it’s an affordable and convenient way to keep your kids active while you work up a sweat. So, which gym has better childcare? LA Fitness offers both family changing rooms and locker rooms with showers, so you can get ready for your day after a workout. Your children will love the Kids Club, where they can play while you work out. The club is open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 1pm and Saturday 8:30-12 pm.


24 Hour Fitness has a variety of family changing rooms and showers available. For those parents who want an opportunity to work up some sweat while their children play in the Kids Club, there’s no better place than this 24-hour fitness center. The children’s activity club is a great place to spend some quality time with your little ones. It has toys, art supplies and more! The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30am -1pm; Saturday mornings 8 am – 12 pm. It looks like both LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness have similar offerings when it comes to childcare. If you need a gym that has children’s programs, then either of these would be good options for your needs! [4]

When choosing a gym, it is important to consider your fitness goals and budget to decide which one will be the best fit for you.
If you are looking for a wide variety of classes


Does 24 Hour Fitness have squat racks?

24 Hour Fitness has squat racks, but not the same ones that LA Fitness offers. 24-hour fitness also provides more weightlifting equipment in general than their competitor does. 24 Hour Fitness has more weightlifting equipment in general than LA Fitness. However, they do not offer as many cardio machines and their pool is limited to what’s available at certain locations only – which can make for some pretty boring workouts. At 24 Hour Fitness, we offer group fitness classes. A schedule of classes is available on the 24 Hour Fitness website. Come try our various classes like yoga, spin, and Pilates! LA Fitness also provides group classes. For a list of these, please check the LA Fitness website. Classes include Zumba, kickboxing, and much more.

What time is least busy at LA Fitness?

When you’re looking for a quick workout, it’s best not to go at the most crowded times. The early morning and late evening hours tend-to have less people so your experience will be more enjoyable. The gym is always your best option when you’re looking for an indoor workout in LA.

What time is least busy at LA Fitness?

So if there’s a time that will be less crowded, try calling up 24 Hour Fitness and see what they say. Impact fitness locations are open 24 hours a day so no matter what time it is, you’ll always find someone working out. Impact gyms also have their peak hour schedule which can cut down on crowds at other times of the day when fewer people visit because they’re going somewhere else instead.

What does the LA in LA Fitness stand for?

The LA in LA Fitness stands for “Lifetime Activities.” Most people think that the letters stand for Los Angeles but they actually mean lifetime activities- something you do until your last breath. LA Fitness is a health club that was founded by Chin Yi and Louis Welch in 1984. The name of the company originally started out as “Health Club,” but it changed after being bought up with an extra ‘s’ at some point during their history – now they’re just called LA Fits. The growth of this company is nothing short of spectacular. In only twenty years, they have expanded to 700+ locations across America and Canada! They also acquired Bally Total Fitness in 2006 which gave them 300 more gyms – but all those that were previously branded as “BALLY” are now known as LA fitness centers instead.

So, now that you know what the LA in LA Fitness stands for let’s take a look at some of their differences from 24 Hour fitness programs.

Which LA Fitness is the biggest?

The biggest LA Fitness is located in Hollywood, California and boasts 200,000 square feet of space. This location is open 24 hours a day to accommodate any schedule. With two floors and an expansive cardio area, this gym behemoth offers everything you need for your health needs. From weight rooms to basketball courts there is no shortage of space at the club. The LA Fitness in New York City is not as big or well-known but it’s still worth a visit. The location on Times Square couldn’t be better either!

Can you go to the gym twice a day LA Fitness?

No, you can not go to the gym twice a day at LA Fitness. However, you can purchase a two-day or seven-day pass that would allow you to visit the gym multiple times within that time frame. Also, LA Fitness members can visit any location nationwide. How often should you go to the gym? This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on many factors such as your fitness goals, age, health, and schedule. It is recommended that you consult with a personal trainer or your doctor before starting a new workout routine. Generally, most people should go to the gym three to four times per week to see results.

How do I get rid of gym anxiety?

If you’re new to the gym or haven’t been in a while, it’s normal to feel a little anxious. However, there are some things you can do to ease your anxiety and make your experience more enjoyable:

  • Choose a time when the gym isn’t too busy. If possible, avoid peak hours (usually late evenings and weekends).
  • Get to know the staff and other members. Talk to the employees and introduce yourself to other people working out. This will help you feel at ease and more welcomed.
  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment and layout. take a few minutes to walk around and get a feel for where everything is. This will help you feel more confident when it comes time to use the equipment.
  • Have a plan. Having a workout routine or schedule mapped out will help you stay focused and motivated. Plus, it’ll make better use of your time at the gym.If you follow these tips, you should be able to reduce your anxiety and have a more enjoyable experience at the gym.

Is LA Fitness membership good at all locations?

Yes, your LA Fitness membership will give you access to all locations across the United States and Canada. You can also use your membership to take advantage of the many amenities offered by LA Fitness, such as group fitness classes, personal training, basketball courts, and more. Also, LA Fitness offers a variety of membership options to fit your needs and budget. Although 24-Hour Fitness has fewer locations than LA Fitness.

Is LA Fitness membership good at all locations?

Do I need to sign a contract to join LA Fitness? No, you do not need to sign a contract to join LA Fitness. You can choose from a variety of membership options, such as a monthly or yearly membership, and you can cancel your membership at any time. With 24-Hour Fitness, you’re required to sign a contract and may be subject to early termination fees if the company senses that your enthusiasm for their services is coming up short.

How does LA Fitness guest privileges work?

LA Fitness is a great place to work out, but they also offer many different options for memberships. You can bring in your guests on Mondays and Fridays for free if you have one of their basic packages or buy day passes at $15 each that allow visitors access from Monday-Friday during specified times.

What a great way to get in shape with your friend or family member! LA Fitness offers free guest privileges, so just show them ID and they can work outside of you. To be our guest, you must present a valid ID and be 18 years or older. How does 24 Hour Fitness guest privileges work? 24 Hour Fitness has a few different membership options, including the ability to bring in guests. If you have an ordinary subscription and want one free visit per week with no restrictions on Mondays through Fridays then it’s perfect for your needs. You can also buy a day pass for $15 or a week pass for $30. 24 Hour Fitness members can enjoy free guest privileges, just like at LA Fitness. This means that you can bring a friend or family member with you to workout at the gym for free. The only requirement is to show your ID at the front desk. The guest must be 18 years or older and have a valid ID. With the information provided, you can now make an informed decision about which gym best suits your needs: LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness. There are many membership options available at both gyms, so take some time to figure out which one would work best for you before making a commitment. And if you’re ever unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for help.

Did LA Fitness change their name?

No, LA Fitness has not changed their name. The company was founded in 1984 and has always been called LA Fitness. What separates LA Fitness from 24 Hour Fitness? The main difference between 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness is that the former has fewer amenities, such as more than 500 locations in America while its competitor only offers 400. LA Fitness has a variety of amenities that 24 Hour does not offer including basketball courts and racquetball areas. In addition, their membership prices are typically lower than those at other locations within the franchise network as well.

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With so many different gyms out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. If location and amenities matter most then LA Fitness should definitely be on your list of consideration because they have more locations than 24 Hour fitness as well as some other cool features like tanning. When you’re looking for the perfect workout, it doesn’t matter whether your gym has a lot of people or not. 24 Hour Fitness offers an excellent alternative with its low crowd sizes and great deals! We hope this guide has helped you decide which gym is best for your individual needs.